Here & There

Frenzy for the God particle or the font?

Leapy internet succumbs to the leap second.

Writing sojourns here and there.

On Hactivism

The Internet allows individuals to voice their opinions — I am able to reach out to so many people through this article, thanks to the democratisation of technology enabled by Internet. Everything is online. Your life. My life. The Internet plays an important role in every stage of our life — finding a job, deciding on what children should study and where, what car to buy, and so on. More here.

On multiple devices and the new Windows 8

Offices (read enterprises) –where Microsoft has always had it easy have drastically evolved as well. Our offices are beset with this new trend of consumerization of IT which means choosing the software we want to use over the ones, our IT department forces us to use or bringing our own devices (like tablets) to work. Given this situation why will I want to unlearn and relearn to use a new operating system when I can get my work done through other means. More here.

And some food for thought.


[Via xkcd]


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