tl;dr: February edition

This is going to be about the long reads I ‘pocket’ed, instagram pictures I liked, tweets I ‘favourite’d, Youtube videos I added to the ‘watch later’ playlist; this is going to be about the ‘awesome’ thing I found on the net.

My favourites from the last month (as curated by a human):

1. It’s just March but after reading this piece by Andrew O’Hagan on attempting to ghost for Julian Assange you would agree that is one of the best pieces of non-fiction you may go onto read this year –

2. Guardian started a new Cities section and picked a list of Instagram accounts you should follow for different cities –

3. Hack the menu and order a Cake Batter Frappuccino in Starbucks or a Burritodilla at Chipotle-

4. Vikram Doctor is an amazing writer and one of the reasons for why I read the Economic Times. Here’s him talking about the chequered history of crosswords –

5. Ever heard of the Secret Cinema of London?

PS: I initially thought of calling this bookmarks but then I thought maybe it is not meme-enough.So quite irnoically I decide to call it tl;dr. More on tl;dr here.


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