tl;dr: Early Summer edition

The days are longer and while you lounge in the park here are my recommendations on what you may have missed on the internet.

1. How do you define the new ‘cool’? A stab at answering what might be an unanswerable question by studying how brands and companies become cool in the eyes of consumers-

2. Neil Gaiman talks to Art Spiegelman. Yes, did you ever imagine!

3. Theory of Everything is among my favourite podcasts and I strongly recommend a hear. This episode  reminiscences 1984 and brings to you TV commercials, radio spots, movie clips from 1984 (the year, not the book). Find out what totalitarianism really sounds like.

4. Understand different schools of philosophy in the form of colourful geometric graphics –

Self-indulgent tip: While you enjoy the links, find time to read some of my digressions on Medium –


tl;dr: February edition

This is going to be about the long reads I ‘pocket’ed, instagram pictures I liked, tweets I ‘favourite’d, Youtube videos I added to the ‘watch later’ playlist; this is going to be about the ‘awesome’ thing I found on the net.

My favourites from the last month (as curated by a human):

1. It’s just March but after reading this piece by Andrew O’Hagan on attempting to ghost for Julian Assange you would agree that is one of the best pieces of non-fiction you may go onto read this year –

2. Guardian started a new Cities section and picked a list of Instagram accounts you should follow for different cities –

3. Hack the menu and order a Cake Batter Frappuccino in Starbucks or a Burritodilla at Chipotle-

4. Vikram Doctor is an amazing writer and one of the reasons for why I read the Economic Times. Here’s him talking about the chequered history of crosswords –

5. Ever heard of the Secret Cinema of London?

PS: I initially thought of calling this bookmarks but then I thought maybe it is not meme-enough.So quite irnoically I decide to call it tl;dr. More on tl;dr here.