The future of news will be written in code

I am enamoured and excited by the recent bout of venture investment in news startups like Vox, Pandodaily and Buzzfeed. This story from Quartz explains some of this fascination.

Continuing on the thread of the news websites, I thought I will take this moment to express my great fascination for Quartz. I begin my day with their most smartly curated newsletter. This story explains its making and how some of the smartest editors from the Atlantic (their sister publication) spend hours working on it everyday.

It is not surprising that Quartz is now amongst the most visited new websites in the world. It is no mean feat that they managed to get to this level in a period of less than two years!

This video by the Quartz publishers, from one of the Digiday events explains some of their ways of working. And it is not too different from the principles a technology company works on!

The Making of a Modern Publisher: Atlantic Media’s Quartz from Digiday on Vimeo.

I am really glad that Quartz is launching an India edition.


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